Pearse Footwear Brisbane

Client: Pearse Footwear

Category: Commercial Interior Design

Location: Milton, Brisbane

Overview: The client wanted to do a full redesign and fitout to create a working space that fostered staff engagement, aligned with the brand’s creative ethos and enhanced the showroom capabilities of the area.

Design Brief: The brief was to create a, modern and inviting space that was open, flexible and functional. The client wished for existing barriers created by the reception and administration areas to be removed to create a flexible, functional and open space.

Our design fostered collaboration within three distinct spaces that weren’t restricted by walls.  We designed feature timber wall shelving to create a natural aesthetic and treat the brand’s products as the showpieces that they are. Black accents, polished concrete flooring and feature brick wallpapers were used to create a modern, funky industrial space.  Surface mounted track lighting spotlighted products and improved ambience and visibility within the space while a redesigned kitchenette and coffee station assisted to service showroom visitors.

Deliverables: A full commercial interior design package was delivered.  This included:

  • Concept plans
  • Design proposal
  • Full set of construction plans

Key design features: 

  • Polished concrete flooring
  • Timber shelving
  • Brick inspired wallpapers
  • Black surface mounted track lighting
  • Greenery
  • Sheer curtains
  • Kitchenette and coffee station