Whether your business is new, relocating or in an exciting phase of growth, engaging in an office fitout is a major financial undertaking.  If done well, however, it can reap dividends for your business by improving operational efficiencies and maximising staff satisfaction, productivity and retention.

If you’re considering a new Brisbane office fitout, ensure you maximise your budget with these top tips.


Engage with a professional designer to ensure that you can maximise the footprint and functionality of your new space.

A professional designer will be able to achieve your office fitout objectives through clever spatial planning, furniture layouts, colours, finishes, textures, lighting, wall treatments and more.

Their experience and access to resources and suppliers will mean that your costs are planned for and managed right from the outset.

Furthermore, using a qualified office designer will also ensure that you don’t waste time and money with unnecessary changes.  A good designer will understand your brief, provide a considered concept and a professional design ensuring that you don’t lose time with changes and revisions.


Commercial Interior Design Process of Modern Concepts By Design



Consult with your employees prior to engaging your office designer to gauge how they would like to work, collaborate and access resources.  This sort of information will prove invaluable when you are planning your space and functional areas.




With rising construction costs, you are going to want an office fitout that will be future proofed and able to grow and change with your business.  Spatial planning and selecting the right office furniture is critical for ensuring your current and future needs can be supported.  You don’t want to outgrow your space in just a few years!

Look for flexible furniture and spaces that can be reconfigured for meetings, to accommodate expanding teams and to support future changes in technology.

Using a qualified office designer will ensure that agile spaces are created.  Your designer should also be able to provide recommendations on appropriate furniture and finishes to achieve this goal.




From demolition through to the actual fitout, there is a lot to consider with your office build so it’s best to work with a construction team that is experienced in fitouts and can seamlessly work with your office designer.



The key to a streamlined budget is organisation!  Make sure you have your plans, square meterage and a clear and concise brief ready for your designer.  The more organised you are, the less revisions your concept design will have.



Planning for a new office fitout or renovation?  Contact our Brisbane based team at Modern Concepts to discuss your new project.